Friday July 29th 2005: Ullevi Stadium, Gothenburg, Sweden

Ullevi Stadium

More tickets released!

On Wednesday 27 July, at 9 AM, another 100 GA tickets will be released for this concert. The tickets can not be purchased online, only by visiting the GotEvent ticket office at Scandinavium or any Ticnet representative, or by phone:

  • Ticnet: 0046 77 170 70 70
  • GotEvent: 0046 31 81 10 20

    As for those of you going to the Gothenburg concert - don't forget to Wave White!.

    Wave White at Ullevi!

    Update 2005-07-14: If you are going to the Gothenburg concert, read this!


    The concert starts at 18:30 and the gates will open at 17:00.
    Supporting act will be the Swedish/British band Razorlight and the Sweidsh rock band The Soundtrack of Our Lives (read more in our news article TSOOL supporting U2@Ullevi, 2005-07-12).

    Concert promotor in Sweden is EMA Telstar.

    Ullevi Arena
    Ullevi holds up to 60 000 people, with 25 000 of them standing in a Genaral Admission area. You will find information about the Ullevi arena here. At the moment we don't have any information about the stage design for the U2 concert, nor do we know if the stage construction will in any way affect the GA or seating areas.

    The last time U2 played at the Ullevi arena was during the PopMart tour. You will find setlist, photos and a description (in Swedish) at this concert page.

    This concert is sold out. Smaller amounts of tickets may be released later on, se below under "More tickets released".

    The Swedish concert promotor EMA Telstar has told us that there may be some extra tickets released "shortly beofore or on the same day as the concert", see the news article TSOOL supporting U2@Ullevi, (2005-07-12).

    Though, it's still possible to buy concert packages. The Swedish company One Touch Travel sells packages that includes a GA ticket and one night in Hotel Eggers in Gothenburg. One Touch Travel co-operates with ETS Tours, which is the official concert travel agent for U2's Vertigo//2005 tour. If you want to know more, visit and click at "Upplevelseresor" to get to their page about the Vertigo//2005 tour. There is also some information in English on the site. Update June 1, 2005: The concert packages for Gothenburg is now SOLD OUT!

    The public sale of tickets to the Ullevi concert starts at February 7th at 9:00 CET (GMT + 1 hour). Tickets will be sold by Ticnet and GotEvent.

    You can purchase tickets online at or by phone at

  • Ticnet: 077-170 70 70
  • GotEvent: 031-81 10 20
    Residents outside Sweden - check the "Non-Swedish residents" section below.

    According to EMA Telstar, tickets will also be sold by local Ticnet representatives, but we recommend that you contact your local Ticnet representative to make sure that they are selling tickets for this particular concert.

    Ullevi arena sketch - click on the image to view it in a larger scale The ticket prices are 550 or 800 SEK (aprox. 61 or 89 euro), including service fees. Click on the arena sketch (right) for detailed information on pricing.

    There is a limit of 6 tickets per person – full registration with name, address and phone number will be required to make sure that this is respected.

    Ticnet Sweden informs us that all online bookings must be paid for using a credit card. If you book by phone, the tickets have to be collected within 3 days at an ATG- or Ticnet representative.

    Non-Swedish residents
    Those of you living outside Sweden can also order tickets to the Ullevi concert from Ticnet and GotEvent, but you are recommended not to order your tickets online, since non-Swedish residents have experienced difficulties with online booking in the past. Instead, you are recommended to call them at:

  • Ticnet: 0046 77 170 70 70
  • GotEvent: 0046 31 81 10 20
    Non-Swedish residents will have their tickets sent to them by mail, and will have to pay an extra postage fee. presale
    Subscribers to will have the opportunity to purchase tickets to the Ullevi concert ahead of the general tickets sale.

  • The presale starts at February 2nd at 11:00 (CET). Earlier, stated February 1st as the presale date for this concert, but this has been changed.
  • U2.Com subscribers can buy a maximum of 4 tickets per person at this presale.
  • Subscribers have been given a personal code to use at the presale.
    Only subscribers who paid their membership before January 24th can take part in the pre-sales for this tour.

    More tickets released
    The Swedish concert promotor EMA Telstar have announced that there will be two more chances for U2 fans to purchase tickets for this concert.

    On Monday February 14 at 9 AM tickets that haven't been collected will be released. They will not be sold online but can be purchased by phone on Ticnet: 077-170 70 70 (from outside Sweden: 0046 77 170 70 70). There will also be a smaller amount of tickets with a limited view released when U2:s stage design is officially confirmed and it is known how it affects the Ullevi Arena.

    Update 2005-03-18:
    EMA Telstar now confirms that another 1800 tickets for the Ullevi concert will be released on March 22, at 9:00 AM. All of those are seated tickets and most of them are located in an area with a limited view. The prizes will vary between 550 and 800 Swedish kronor/ticket and there will be a limitation of 4 tickets per person. As before, tickets are sold by GotEvent and Ticnet, see information below. Please note that it won't be possible to buy tickets online, only by phone or at the ticket sales agents. EMA Telstar also says that the view from those seats probably will be fine, but since they're still not 100% sure about that, they sell them as "limited view tickets".

    2005-05-05: EMA Telstar's Ticket Manager Tina Widengren confirms in an e-mail to one of our forum members that more tickets will be released, as EMA for the moment are withdrawing overprized tickets that have been for sale on the internet. This/these ticket release/s will be announced with short notice on

    2005-05-10: Tomorrow, on May 11, at 9 A.M., a small amount of tickets will be released. These can not be purchased online, only by visiting the Ticnet representatives or calling Ticnet or GotEvent (see phone numbers above).

    Sources & links

  • Ticnet Sweden (also in English).
  • GotEvent.
  • GotEvent's page on the U2 concert.

    If you are interested in the Gothenburg concert, please check this page for updates.
    To this concert page in Swedish here.
    To the Vertigo Tour page (in Swedish).
    To the general U2 tour page (in Swedish).
    To Start page.

    Accommodation in Gothenburg
    We recommend you to check out the homepage of the Swedish Tourist Association (also in English and German).

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