Vinnare och facit i andra tävlingen

15 Dec
Ur barnboken Cedarwood

Ur barnboken Cedarwood

Vi har en vinnare i den andra tävlingen i vår adventskalender: Bella. Grattis! Ett exemplar av den nyutgivna barnboken ”Cedarwood” skickas till dig så fort vi har fått din adress.

Det blir en tredje och sista chans att vinna boken i och med tävlingsomgången som börjar idag och slutar måndag 21 december, se vår blogg. I den fjärde och sista tävlingen som kommer att pågå 22-24 december har vi alltså andra priser.

I denna andra tävlingsomgång var det blott fyra som deltog, vilket resulterar i att vi kommer skänka ytterligare 40 (!) kr till (RED). Vi känner att vi måste göra något åt det här blygsamma deltagarantalet. Är tävlingarna för svåra? Vågar folk inte chansa i tron att de gör bort sig? ”The right to appear ridiculous is something I hold dear” (”Rätten att framstå som löjlig är något jag håller kärt”) var det väl någon som sa/sjöng? Tack hursomhelst till alla er som deltog!

Facit på veckans para-ihop-citaten-med-rätt-bandmedlem-tävling kommer här. De flesta citat kommer från YouTube-klipp och länkarna nedan tar er då direkt till det relevanta partiet i respektive videoklipp (i alla fall i vissa browsers och på t.ex. en iPhone med en uppdaterad YouTube-app).

8 december

1. Adam
”And that’s when I started to listen to what other people said to me instead of doing the exact opposite of what people said to me.”
(11:40 in i detta klipp)

2. Larry
”Compromise is for me the hardest thing to swallow, but there’s no doubt that it’s the only way forward. And that goes with everything.”
(6:55 in i detta klipp)

3. Bono
”As long as we continue to surprise ourselves, then we think it’s worth sharing that with our audience. The moment that stops we are out of here.”
(20:55 in i detta klipp)

4. Edge
”It’s sort of like the Bob Dylan line he not being busy being born, he’s busy dying. I think we’re still busy being born.”
(1:15 in i detta klipp)

9 december

5. Edge
”Touring on this scale is like financially a huge roll of the dice, there’s major jeapardy. But to us, artistic risk is the thing that we think about first and that’s like, in a sense, the worst sin would be not to take any chances.”
(30:41 in i detta klipp)

6. Adam
”Actually I collect wrapping paper. I do. Whenever I go past a shop that sells interesting wrapping paper I go in and I buy the wrapping paper. I have a wrapping paper collection. Not very many people know that.”
(40:52 in i detta klipp)

7. Larry
”I get shocked sometimes because I’m in U2, I’ve run away to the circus and it’s brilliant. And somebody says: ‘Can you change a lightbulb?’ That’s like, that’s what real men do. Because what I do in U2 is not what real men do, it’s a lot of fun.”
(6:59 in i detta klipp)

8. Bono
”The reason why people go, I hope, to see our band is because we’re just spilling our guts and that’s who we are and we’re giving it everything we’ve got”
(16:21 in i detta klipp)

10 december

9. Bono
”I’m an early riser, I get up very early”
(1:46:43 in i detta klipp)

10. Larry
”I’m constantly late, I go to bed late, I get up late.”
(1:47:21 in i detta klipp)

11. Edge
”Whereas I think a real band, and I think we are a real band, we understand that we’re better working in a collaborative environment”
(4:39 in i detta klipp)

12. Adam
”When you hear an Oasis song you go ‘That’s good, but we can do better’.”
(7:19 in i detta klipp)

11 december

13. Larry
Larry: ”I remember after we made the Joshua Tree myself and Bono ended up away together for a little bit of time to sort of consider what we had done and I remember both of us sort of scratching our heads and being mortally depressed about the album that we just made.”
Interviewer: ”Really?”
Larry: ”Yeah, just feeling we hadn’t really cracked it. And that’s kind of the theme of U2. We are intensively self critical and that’s probably why we’re still here.”
(17:06 in i detta klipp)

14. Edge
”You can’t repeat yourself, you can’t rely on things that have been done before by anybody else, you’ve just got to find new territory. So everytime we go into the studio it’s the same thing we’re looking for and every time we sit down to start talking about a live production we ask ourselves the same question, which is ‘What’s never been done?’.”
(32:08 in i detta klipp)

15. Bono
Interviewer: ”You’re grown men in a world that doesn’t really want rock stars to be grown-ups. How do you define being an adult?”
Bono: ”Wow, you’re maybe asking the wrong member of the band…”
(3:00 in i detta klipp)

12 december

16. Edge
”We tell all our junior engineers when we’re in the studio that the times when you’re absolutely sure that you should be recording the band, you probably shouldn’t bother.”
39:41 in i detta klipp

17. Adam
”Certainly in the early years I found that music soothed those feelings of inadequacy and discomfort.”
3:32 in i detta klipp

18. Larry
”As I get older, I do find it harder to do two or three things at the same time. So I’ve realized that both hands, both legs, and a nodding head is about as much as I can take in one night.”
8:51 in i detta klipp

13 december

19. Edge
”I drive everyone crazy. I drive myself totally crazy, trying to get the sound, that I can hear in my head, to come out of the speakers.”
(1:13 in i detta klipp)

20. Bono
”We were talking about imagination earlier and it’s a crucial part of what we do. And usually the role of an artist is to stay within that realm.”
(1:29 in i detta klipp)

21. Adam
”You know, I think as from a teenager on I always had a low level depression and I found that music kind of relieved that and I think that’s why I went into music.”
(7:20 in i detta klipp)

14 december

22. Bono
”I’m about moving from dreams into actions.”
(2:08 in i detta klipp)

23. Edge
”I always saw myself as a kind of hotelier/musician. That was kind of a nice … That was what I … my vision for my ultimate career. Now I’m sort of musician/hotelier, which is fine, I can cope with that.”
(6:23 in i detta klipp)

24. Adam
”I think I have a history of getting into trouble in Ireland.”
(6:48 in i detta klipp)