Stockholm: Ready for what’s next?

9 Sep
Ericsson Globe Arena, december 2014 (foto:

Ericsson Globe Arena, December 2014 (photo:

Soon U2 will return to Sweden for the only Nordic concerts during the iNNOCENCE+eXPERIENCE Tour!

What to consider for your visit to Stockholm? We have tried to collect information from official sources (e.g. Ericsson Globe Arenas, Live Nation and ticket vendor AXS) but we will indicate where this has not been possible.

If there are further questions or information to share with us, please get in touch by using the message boardTwitter or Facebook. Please note that we will try to keep this article up-to-date so bookmark and check back often over the next week!

Apart from the information here, we direct you to the official Globe Arenas website where they have told us there should be ”official and relevant information for our visitors”.

Last updated: 2015-09-12


Amendment September 11th 2015: We have received news that Live Nation Sweden are currently relocating some of the seated tickets to GA on the floor and in other cases to seats elsewhere in the arena. The promotor encourages concerned concert-goers to get in touch by e-mail..

Question: What categories and prices are there for tickets?
We had a more detailed news (in Swedish) that we published back in December.

Q: Help! I need a ticket, can I still get one?
Unfortunately, the demand has been huge despite the two extra concerts that were added.  Official ticket vendor AXS had a ticket drop for seats in early September, please check this news article for links and see if there are any tickets still avaliable.

Q: Are there other ways to get tickets?
It is possible that there are VIP-packages available, since they are advertised on the Globe Arenas website ahead of the U2 concerts. For more information about these VIP tickets, we refer you to AXS and the news piece about public ticket sale in December linked in the first answer above.

As a last resort, you could try (N.B. registered members only!) our message board or write in our Facebook-group We kindly ask our visitors and users to please respect the rules regarding sale/purchase/swap of U2 tickets. These rules are put in place for everyone’s own good and we will enforce them on this website and our social media platforms alike.

If you want to risk buying tickets from elsewhere or in ways other than the ones described here, please be aware that the likelihood of obtaining authentic U2 tickets will probably be reduced.

Q: I’m registered on the message boards. Where do I go for ticket discussions?
Please go to the ”Silver And Gold”-section for ticket related businesses.

Q: What are your rules and regulations for second hand ticket businesses?
These are provided in the message boards. Briefly, it is strictly prohibited to buy or sell U2 tickets on our platforms for an unreasonable price. Such offers are a bannable offense. Rather, tickets should be offered at no more than face value. However, additional  costs for travelling, shipping etc is to be agreed between the two parties involved.

Q: What are the (RED) Zone-tickets and where is this located?
We’ve requested more details from Ericsson Globe Arena and will update this answer when we know more. (RED) Zones are a bit more expensive tickets on the floor inside a enclosure (please refer to the arena layout below). These tickets benefit the or
ganisation (RED), and fund drugs in their fight against diseases such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.


Q: I haven’t been to Ericsson Globe Arena before, how can I get there?
The arena is located to the south of the Stockholm city centre. It is easily recognised by its golf ball shape exterior. You can travel to the Globe Arena by underground (”tunnelbana”. Green line, stop: ”Globen”), tram (”tvärbana”), bike, bus or on foot.  We refer you to the  Globe Arena website for official information. If you go by public transport, be advised there is an online Journey Planner avaliable from Storstockholms Lokaltrafik (SL). Apps are also available for iOS and Android. The street adress is Globentorget 2.

Q: How can I locate my seat once I’m inside?
Below you will find a general arena layout that we’ve borrowed from the Globe Arena website. Again, we refer to them for more advice. We’ve modified a more specific i+e Tour layout further below. The Globe Arena tells us that the entrance stated on your ticket should be the one you’re using, to avoid lengthy queues. In other words, you are advised not to use alternate entrances.

Generell arenaskiss för Globen (Click to enlare, source:

Ericsson Globe Arena layout (Click to enlarge, source:

Q: What merchandise will be available?

U2 i+e Tour T-shirts, Europe 2015 (photo: @All_Blacks68/Twitter)

U2 i+e Tour T-shirts, Turin 2015 (photo: @u2gigs/Twitter)

There are seemingly a few new t-shirts (€35, i.e. probably for 350 SEK here)  to choose from, as indicated by tweets from our colleagues in Turin. (Some close-ups here, and here). In addition, it seems some venues might have event specific designs on sale, such as New York City recently and Amsterdam on this leg. Other than that tour programmes and various goodies will also be available for purchase, see below.

U2 i+e Tour T-shirts, Amsterdam 2015 (photo: @u2gigs/Twitter)

U2 i+e Tour merchandise, Amsterdam 2015 (photo: @u2gigs/Twitter)

U2 i+e Tour T-shirts, Amsterdam 2015 (photo: @u2gigs/Twitter)

U2 i+e Tour merchandise, Amsterdam 2015 (photo: @u2gigs/Twitter)

Also, If you find or become a #ONEonTour volunteer in Stockholm, you could sign up with the ONE Campaign and get an exclusive wristband!

ONE Campaign wristbands. (photo: @sairaomallie/Twitter)

ONE Campaign wristbands. Exclusive #ONEonTour wrist band on the far right (photo @sairaomallie/Twitter)


Q: What is the Vifta Vitt (”Wave White”) flash mob about?
It has become a tradition to start the U2 concerts in Sweden by waving white. This initiative aims to support the band’s fight against extreme poverty. This year is the 10th anniversary and you can read more here. Please note that ”Wave White” will not involve white items this year so we don’t expect you to bring them. This call primarily involves the 16th of September but please know that your participation is completely voluntary.

Q: Is there a age restriction to attend the U2 concerts in Stockholm?
Yes, concert-goers should be at least 13 years old says Globe Arenas.

Q: What times are scheduled for the evening?
At this time, official times are missing. Globe Arenas tell us these are not decided but has promised to let us know and will update their website when they are set. However, Live Nation Sweden provides these times on their website: ”Doors 06:15 PM” ”Show start: 07:30 PM”. Please be aware these have yet to be confirmed by the Ericsson Globe Arena. So far on the European leg, U2 appears to be onstage at about 08:30 PM and finishes around 10:45 PM but consider this a rough guide until we can confirm official details.

Addition 2015-09-12: Q: Where is U2 staying while in Stockholm?
We don’t know and there are no rumours to go by as of yet.  We would suggest keeping an eye on the evening newspapers for gossip upon their arrival. Please keep in mind that we’re not affiliated with U2, their staff, label etc so we possess no more insider information or connections than you do.

Addition 2015-09-12: Q: When is U2 on location for soundchecks and will that include a short meet-and-greet?
We don’t know this either. Traditionally, the band arrives early afternoon (approximately between 2-4 p.m. for a venue soundcheck) and may or may not stop to greet fans waiting outside the arena. Whether this is also accurate for the current tour, we cannot say for sure as we have no information about this to go by.

Q: Who will be the opening act?
As a matter of fact, U2 will be the sole act of the evening for the iNNOCENCE+eXPERIENCE Tour so be on time!

Q: When is it reasonable to start the GA line outside the arena?
The Globe Arena tell us a queue for GA ticketholders may start at 07:00 AM on showday. Any earlier than that and you risk being dissmissed from the area so please be respectful towards the staff and rules. This is for your own safety.

From experience, one of the early birds usually organises the GA line e.g. by using numbers and a marker. This could possibly be arranged also involving the Globe Arena staff on location. Whether or not you are allowed to leave the queue varies on the situation. Sometimes there are roll calls to ensure ”fair play” when queueing. Otherwise, someone might get in line early for a spot, leave for several hours and return just before the doors open.

Reports form the North American leg indicate that it has been possible to obtain a satisfactory spot on the floor despite getting in line later in the day. As some Swedish concerts take place in the middle of the working week, it could be possible that fewer people than usual will be able to stand in line from morning.

Q: What is actually the front of the stage? I don’t want to stare at four Irish backs all evening.
As a companion to the general layout above, here is a modified version of the layout from ticket vendor AXS for the U2 concerts (click to enlarge). Our version indicates the seated stands and details on the floor for : (RED) Zones, South Side (Edges side) and North Side (Adams side).

The rectangular stage ”i stage” (or ”i-scenen” in the graphic) is considered the main stage where the concert will take off. It’s connected to the circular e-stage (”e-scenen”) via a catwalk. The band will perform a few songs on the e-stage every night and may invite a fan to broadcast their performance live using the app Meerkat. The catwalk between the stages is enclosed by a innovative video screen.

Please know that your experience will vary depending on your location in the arena. On the rails at the floor level, you will be closer to the band but at the expense of the show offered by the giant video screens. If you want to enjoy the parts of the show where the screen is involved, you will have a better experience a bit further away from the rails, or in most of the seats. Regardless, U2 always attempts to satisfy their audience.

If you have any concerns about your tickets, we’ve been told to direct our readers to Live Nation Sweden customer service for guidance.

Arenaskiss U2 i+e Tour Globen (Modifierad av, Orginal:

Modified arena layout for U2 i+e Tour by (Original source:

Q: What’s the idea of the twin nights-concept?
Actually, that never happened. Show designer Willie Williams recently told our American colleagues at that the idea was scrapped when they feared that most people would only come for one night, thus missing elements that the band wants everyone to experience. Instead, there was a compromise that includes a more static portion of the show and another which sees songs taking turns to appear in the setlist. We don’t expect the original idea to return for Europe, based on Williams’ comments and the shows so far in Turin and Amsterdam.

Q: I heard a rumour that Swedish singer Lykke Li would make an appearance. Is this all nights or a one-off?
Granted, she did contribute to the new song ”The Troubles” and is based in Stockholm but we suspect you might’ve heard our April Fools joke earlier this year. Apart from the concerts in New York City, professional guests have not appeared on stage this tour. In addition, ”The Troubles” has only been played 4  times in 36 concerts during the last leg so it appears unlikely but we shall see!

Q: Can we expect something new during the European leg?
Yes, there has been a new sequence successfully introduced to the show and Edge has also said that they will probably play tracks from Songs of Innocence that didn’t appear on the last leg. Furthermore, rehearsal reports from Turin via our friends at and also hint of changes to the setlist yet to come.

Q: That’s it?
Yes, for now. We will update this news as we learn more so check back!

A big thank you to Fredrik at Globe Arenas for your contribution to this news!