”Wave White” – 10 years!

2 Sep

Vifta Vitt 2015

We did it in 2005. We did it again in 2009 and yes, it will happen also in 2015!

Ten years have passed. From innocence to experience, the signature ”Wave White” flash mob has evolved from its humble beginnings to become an appreciated and requested part of the U2 concert experience in Sweden. We can hear you, and this time we would like to turn the flash mob into something special – yet stay true to its origins.

”All the stolen voices, will someday be returned”

When U2 take the stage during ”People Have The Power” by Patti Smith, we request that the Ericsson Globe Arena welcome our lads by demonstrating this very principle. According to a 2013 poll by Google Sweden, 70 per cent of Swedes owned a smartphone. We suspect that figure has increased today. Hence, we were hoping to facilitate for concert goers to partake in the Wave White action this time around.

Inspired by the naked, innocent light of the light bulb hanging over Bono’s boyhood bed, the staff at u2.se decided to expand on this idea: light is a universal symbol for hope so why not let the U2 audience themselves become a beacon of light for the poorest of the poor?

We aim to literally shine a light (pun intended) on the fight against extreme poverty during the band’s stay in Stockholm this September. We aim to turn the spotlight to each and every individual concert-goer and how you can all make a difference if you have the passion and if you have the will. Hence, Wave White 2015 will illuminate how each of us can contribute and be a light in the darkness to make extreme poverty history: Be that light. Be those stolen voices. Be that miracle.

”If there is a light, don’t let it go out”

As U2 launch into the opening number (likely ”The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)”) on Wednesday the 16th of September, u2.se encourages all concert goers to share a white light by using their cell phone. This could be achieved for instance by activating the flashlight/torch feature of your phone or by maximizing the screen brightness. Then we ask you to raise your device to the ceiling of the Ericsson Globe Arena and wave in time with the music.

We realize that this will drain the battery life of your cellphone so we only require you to partake in this action for a brief moment until you are free to enjoy the concert.

In the section below, we have collected brief questions and answers that may be useful. At the end you will find material to spread the word, ahead of the first concert in Stockholm on the 16th of September.

Question: Is it mandatory to participate in the ”Wave White” flashmob?
No, your participation is completely volontary.

Q: What’s the story behind ”Wave White”?
We want to celebrate. U2 fans in Sweden would like to celebrate a decade of progress in the fight against extreme poverty. We also take this opportunity to celebrate that Sweden is a ”world champion” in this area of poverty alleviation for the poorest of the poor, according to a recent report by Bono’s ONE Campaign. Above all, we celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the original Wave White in support of ”Make Poverty History”, ONE, and to welcome U2 back to Sweden.

Q: Is the ONE Campaign involved in this, then?
No, the ONE Campaign are not directly involved in this action although we are hoping they appreciate this powerful, lasting, message of support from the U2 fans in Sweden. This is strictly by fans, for fans and without official endorsement from the ONE Campaign or its representatives at this time.

Q: Why did you decide on white and not, say, Swedish colors?
It’s become a great tradition over the years to use white. Moreover, white is a classic U2 color (War-era, anyone?), a recognized symbol for peace and lastly a signature color for the ONE Campaign, whose work we wish to support and highlight by this flash mob.

Q: How does one participate?
You shine white light by using your cellphone (e.g. the flashlight/torch feature or maximizing the screen brightness). The device is then held aloft like a lighter was in decades past.

Q: It does not seem to be complete darkness as U2 enters the stage. Will this be a problem?
No, we do not believe this will be an obstacle for using a light rather than white items. The house lights will likely not be as bright as during the Elevation Tour for instance.  We hope for a substantial effect, particularly as the lights are turned down once the band launches into the show!

Q: When and for how long does one wave?

We aim for the first gig and the first song i.e. The Miracle (of Joey Ramone) on the 16th of September. U2 will then give three additional concerts in Stockholm but u2.se does not have any intention to organize a flash mob for these. That said, we will gladly encourage others to repeat the flashmob or make other proper arrangements if that is desired.

Q: Should I bring a white item, like the flash mobs in 2005 and 2009?
U2.se would ideally like for everyone to join in on the light concept this time, taking into consideration the idea behind it, as described above. Additionally, we believe it would be more convenient for you to bring only a cellphone, which you might already be carrying with you, to the arena. If you would like to bring something else, please consult the official Ericsson Globe Arena FAQs to learn what objects are prohibited to take inside the arena. However, we repeat that the Wave White flashmob using cellphones will only be executed for the 16th of September and not necessarily the following nights.

Q: Do you have a dresscode: ”white”?
No, u2.se has never in the past, neither this year, had the intention to imply there is a dresscode associated with this flash mob.  This was an unfortunate misunderstanding by the Swedish media back in 2005. We happily encourage you to wear whatever you want and find appropriate!

Material for distribution:

Most welcome to Stockholm and Sweden on the 16th-21st of September!
Best regards,