Boy Falls From The Sky i Auckland

30 Nov

U2 repade nyligen Boy Falls From The Sky från Spider-Man musikalen i Auckland och de har bevisligen lagt ned mer arbete under turnéuppehållet på att få den att låta rätt.

Ni kan se klippet nedan, och jag inkluderar även den nya texten som jag har försökt dechiffrera efter bästa förmåga.

Håll till godo!

You can change your heart
But you cannot change your mind
It’s a compass and a map
It’s all we left behind

I’d be myself
If I knew what I need to be
You needed my help
Do you walk astray from what I must see?

Every sky
Is closing in tonight
It’s a darkness soul now,
I can’t even remember the light (I can’t even remember the lines? :-D)

I’d be myself
If I knew what I need to know
You can fly too high
And get too close to the sun

See how the boy falls from the sky…


I’ve got a strange face
But I lurched(??) my own name
To stay true to yourself
Do you have to stay the same?

Save, just save yourself
If you can even get that right
I used to use a single thread to cross the sky
And now the eye of the needle is your heart denied

See how the boy falls from the sky…

The city conducts a symphony
The demon cry (The deal men cry?), a sorrow wave
The subway screech, slows down the train
The thunder when there is no rain
Oh, burning blocks in the scar of love
The babies cry in the safe room halls (sacred hearts?)
The birth of a hero, of the ??
The ?? ?? is the winner ??

So listen hard, listen again
To your own voice when the rain comes in
You know exactly what to do
The you in me, the me in you
Together lift up your self esteem
And when you do
And when you do
And you believe
When you believe